Have you been looking for any places for study?

Benkyo-café is a place for matured people who knows the importance of studying.

As the word “Benkyo” means “Study”, we do provide nice and comfortable space for studying.
Although, we don’t think self-studying is the best way to expand your learning, and strongly believe that conversations with others will keep your motivation high.

We want you to enrich your life through learning at benkyo-cafe.
Our mission is to make people’s life full, by providing many opportunities to learn.

※This is one of our benkyo-cafe studios.




  1. Open space… Eating, conversation, phonecalls available
  2. Work space…NO speaking(including phone), NO eating
  3. Specific rooms…There are some private rooms in some studios.

*In Benkyo-café, smoking is prohibited in all area.


Our service is based on membership system, just like sports gym.
Before becoming a member, you can use the place as a visitor.
Usage fee is set up by time.
All prices are tax included.

full time (from open to close) ¥18,128
regular (weekday night/holiday) ¥11,968
weekday (weekday) ¥11,528
 night (weekday night) ¥9,768
 flex4 (4 times a month) ¥8,448
 flex2 (twice a month) ¥4,378

※These Plans are only basic examples. The plans (and the fee) differs by studio.
※To be a member of Benkyo-cafe, you’ll need ¥12,100 entrance fee.

Visitor : Please decide how long you’ll use and pay the bill before using the space.
※There are no entrance fee to non-members.
※The price differs by studio.

¥550~ / 1h
¥2,750~ / 1day

※To make the place comfortable for all,we may have to refuse your apply if you were not able to speak and read Japanese. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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